Akenza Discoveries at the #IOTSWC 2019, Barcelona

Published on by Jonas Schmid

The IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona is the largest IoT event in the world. A delegation of six Akenza employees visited this year's edition to get inspired with new ideas, solutions and people, taking the opportunity to let the world know about our Akenza Core.

It's not our first visit to the IOTSWC, this is our second consecutive attendance and this year members of our Tel Aviv and Zurich team made their way to Barcelona. Team Akenza immersed themselves into the congress with focused one on one meetings and further discoveries from the IoT network around the world. No doubt that the Smart "Lego" city stood out with an endearing approach to spotlight Smart City!

During 3 days and amongst 300+ exhibitors - team Akenza left no stone unturned discussing the Akenza Core IoT system and showcased what sets us apart from others. Essentially feedback from the market reinforced how our system upholds our commitment for "IoT made simple" and our dedication to deliver a fast, effective and efficient service.

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We exceeded a few kilometres a day doing the rounds of discovery and confirmed yet another robust spotlight on IoT. Unfortunately there were no groundbreaking changes on the hardware front and we would love to see a bit more on that front next year. Nevertheless, IoT is firmly on the corporate agenda and is developing in the right direction.

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Akenza values collaboration as a key driver of our business teamed with meaningful partnerships. Our successful endeavours at IOTSWC 2019 were largely due to aligning with Microsoft, so a huge thank you to everyone at Microsoft (Switzerland) for the invitation and the great conversations. Together with their partners and solutions Microsoft demonstrated multiple IoT scenarios and how they could affect us in everyday life, be it at home, in public transport or in the office.

We hope to see you all next year!

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