Experience the full power of Amazon Kinesis with akenza

Thanks to the seamless integration with Amazon Kinesis, akenza enables you to stream data into Amazon Kinesis cloud services and generate actionable insights for your IoT applications.

    Build a strong IoT stack with akenza and Amazon Kinesis

    Thanks to the direct integration to Amazon Kinesis, akenza enables a frictionless connection of IoT devices into the Amazon Kinesis cloud ecosystem. In a few clicks, you can use our output connector to stream data directly to Amazon Kinesis and generate actionable insights for your IoT applications.

    Why akenza & Amazon Kinesis?

    Get the best of Amazon Kinesis with a straightforward onboarding. This unique combination will make you save development time and resources while ensuring the scalability of your solution.

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      Connecting LPWAN devices to the Amazon cloud has never been so easy

      Connect your low-power devices to the Amazon Kinesis environment in a few clicks, without coding, and start developing advanced IoT applications with AWS services.

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      An IoT stack that supports POCs and large-scale IoT projects

      Start your POC in minutes and later scale to thousands of devices on the same IoT infrastructure. Akenza abstracts the complexity of managing connectivity and devices.

    Access to the whole Amazon Kinesis ecosystem

    The seamless integration allows access to AWS cloud services such as Kinesis data streams, Kinesis data firehose, and Kinesis data analytics.
    Our tutorial will help you get started in just a few steps.

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      Kinesis data streams

      Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is a scalable and durable real-time data streaming service that can continuously capture gigabytes of data per second from hundreds of thousands of sources.

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      Kinesis data firehose

      Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose is the easiest way to capture, transform, and load data streams into AWS data stores for near real-time analytics with existing business intelligence tools.

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      Kinesis data analytics

      Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is the easiest way to process data streams in real-time with SQL or Apache Flink without having to learn new programming languages or processing frameworks.