Make or Buy

your IoT Platform?

Build, and you get ultimate customizability – but at what cost? Buy, and you’re rewarded with simplicity and support – but will you compromise on the feature set? Let this new guide support your decision.

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Where to start

The Top 7 Factors

It’s never an easy decision whether to make or buy a product or service for your company – and that applies especially in the IoT space. Here are seven things to take into account.

Examining from all perspectives

All you need to answer the question

  • Case Studies

    Don't just take our word for it. Why not take a look at how partners and customers of ours have approached this questions, and learn from the conclusions they drew.

  • Self-Rating System

    Rate your own priorities with our handy table on the last page of the guide. The result will indicate to you which direction you may want to take — and it might even surprise you!

  • Questions to ask yourself

    We think one of the best ways to make a decision is to break the big question down into several smaller ones. Throughout the guide, we give you examples of smaller questions to ask yourself.

  • Graphics or charts

    A picture speaks a thousand words, so for all you visual learners, we've prepared plenty of graphical charts & figures to take apart the factors that play into the question.

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