Farewell Hivemind, Hello Akenza

Zurich, 28th August 2019 – We are growing! With two strong years in the IoT business Hivemind has a brand new company name. Welcome to Akenza. As part of a strategic global realignment and development into new territories it was time to evolve. Hivemind shaped our way through the IoT industry in Switzerland and Akenza will now pave our way through the global IoT industry as we respond to more demands for our services in Switzerland and other parts of the world.

We still retain the company culture and authenticity that we have built over the years and our close working relationships will be unaffected as we add even more value to the service that we provide. In addition to a new company name, new logo and website we have also named our core products. It is business as usual for Akenza with a strong focus on strategising our position in the market.

Akenza supports our internationalisation of the company communications and strategic focus. We have evolved from being a Swiss based, radical start up to become a leading, innovative global company specialising in IoT solutions.

Brand Presentation

The inaugural public unveiling of Akenza (AG) is on the 29th August with Microsoft Switzerland, EWZ and simultaneously with Swisscom – the leading national telecommunications provider. As a company we work closely with our clients and partners seamlessly as one, an official unveiling during this time ensures the confident measures and definite strides we take with key players in the industry. As part of “Innovate Switzerland” we also embark on our journey to innovate the world.

The Logo and corporate design has been developed to represent the innovation and ethos that we uphold and nourish as a company at the core of our business. Akenza AG works with you to lead the future of your company and service.

About Akenza

Akenza AG, a leader in the field of IoT and a world class technology provider. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Belgrade.