Connect your sensors through the LoRaWAN from Cibicom

The akenza Connectivity-as-a-Service is the shortest path to your LoRaWAN connectivity.

Start building smart solutions based on the Cibicom LoRaWAN infrastructure without complex contracts. Thanks to our Connectivity-as-a-Service offer, it has never been easier to connect a LoRaWAN device to the cloud.

Connect your first device

Start with the LoRaWAN from Cibicom for only CHF 0.75 (Kr 5.80) per month

Start building IoT projects with Cibicom without an additional connectivity contract for only CHF 0.75 (Kr 5.80) per sensor per month.

Thanks to the Connectivity as a Service of akenza, you can connect your first sensor to the cloud in minutes.

30-Day Free trial

The Cibicom LoRaWAN network in detail

Cibicom has designed and built the Danish national radio/TV broadcast network, the nationwide LoRaWAN IoT network and datacentres.

Cibicom’s infrastructure covers the most remote parts of Denmark. 95% of Danes use Cibicom's broadcast network when they listen to the radio or watch TV.

Get started with Cibicom in minutes

Connect your first device
  • Automated billing

    Our automated billing makes sure that you are billed every month for the selected plan and devices that you registered. You can change your plan as well as your payment method at any time.

  • Advanced functionalities

    Benefit from the functionalities of akenza like Role-Based Access Control, Device Type Libary, and Rule Engine.

  • Price benefits from the very first device

    LoRaWAN connectivity at wholesale prices. It doesn't get much cheaper than that.