akenza affiliate program

Join our affiliate program today!

Do you think akenza is a great fit for your clients? Then benefit from our affiliate program and earn attractive commissions on all your referrals.

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    Attractive commissions

    Get a 10% commission on the active subscription for the first 12 months.

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    End customer discount

    Your referred customer receives a 10% discount for the first 6 months.

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    The affiliate business model is straightforward. Apply, share your referral code and earn credits on each referred active subscription.

Creating a mutual offering

We are always eager to discuss an active and mutual collaboration with potential partners, for the benefit of our customers.

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    Connectivity Partners

    Become part of our evolving connectivity portfolio offering. Akenza integrates with a multitude of network technologies to provide an extensive connectivity offer to its users. As a connectivity partner, you are a valuable part of the akenza connectivity ecosystem enabling our users to select your connectivity.

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    Hardware Partners

    Quality hardware is key to a great IoT solution. Join us as a new hardware partner to support a broad range of use cases. By cooperating with hardware producers, hardware developers, and wholesalers, we mutually support our clients to find the right products for their projects.

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    Ecosystem partners

    Further use of IoT data in enterprise and third-party applications can be relevant to launching a successful IoT project. With our ecosystem partners, we allow data processing, analytics, monitoring or maintenance solutions in state-of-the-art cloud systems.

Your benefits as a partner

As an active partner in our ecosystem, you company will benefit in many ways.

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    Business Support
    • Free use of the Advanced plan for promotion purposes
    • Business and technical consultancy
    • Preferred partner pricing
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    • Webpage listing
    • Joined press releases and webinars
    • Akenza partner events
    • Joint market development for demand generation
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    Commitment to success
    • Regular account review and planning meetings
    • Regular partner training
    • Customer centricity& can-do mentality

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