Low-Code IoT Platform

Connect, control and manage IoT devices in a heartbeat.
Why Akenza

Focus on what really matters

Building an IoT solution is a complex endeavor. By outsourcing non-core areas of your solution to an IoT Enablement Platform, you will minimize your costs, improve the product quality, and accelerate your time to market.

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    Thanks to the agnostic architecture of our IoT platform, you are resilient to technological change.

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    Flexibility is key: You might start with one sensor and later scale to millions of devices.

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    Time to market

    No need to reinvent the wheel. You can benefit from advanced functionalities from the start and minimize your development efforts.

Low complexity IoT platform
A straight forward solution to complex IoT challenges

Thanks to our self-service solution, you can start creating your IoT case right away, even without coding skills.

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  • Rule Engine

    Implement your business logic with no-code logic blocks.

  • Data Visualization

    Built-in data visualizations allow you to gain direct insights into your device data and behavior.

  • Device Library

    Benefit from the open-source device library with many pre-integrated devices.

  • Data Flows

    Use no-code connectors to setup your processing pipeline.

Best in-class connectivity management

Flexibility in choosing between different connectivity technologies and network operators is a necessity to successfully scale IoT projects in different markets.
Instead of juggling with the carrier platforms of many different network providers, you can access them all, directly from akenza.

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    Avoid the hassle of different connectivity contracts and accounts. Akenza acts as a wholesaler for the connectivities you need.

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    Supported connectivity technologies & protocols

    With the broad range of supported connectivity technologies and protocols, you always have the best option available.

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    LPWAN integrations

    Our bidirectional LPWAN integrations allow you to synchronize your LPWAN accounts, import and connect devices, and configure your connectivity parameters.

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    SIM-card management

    Integrations into backbone systems such as Ericsson DCP allow you to manage devices and SIM-cards for your NB-IoT cases.


Built to fulfill the needs of organizations

From startup to enterprise, organizations need an IoT platform that fits their IT infrastructure requirements and that can scale with their business case.

Explore business cases built on akenza

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    Flexibility is key: You might start with one sensor and later scale to millions of devices.

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    White Labeling Option

    Brand your IoT offering and resell it under your brand name, thanks to our white labeling option.

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    State of the art security processes ensure the highest level of security, for both public cloud and private cloud.

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    User Management

    With role-based access control and SSO integrations, both comfort and security requirements are fully met.

4D-Agnostic IoT platform
Resilient to change

Technological change is unavoidable. In order to avoid technological lock-in and create resilience, we allow you to exchange components of your solution at any time. With our 4D-Agnostic solution you maximize your flexibility.

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    Cloud Agnostic

    Choose a deployment model that fits your purpose; no matter if that is a puclic or a private cloud.

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    Device agnostic

    Choose between pre-integrated devices from the library or add your own device with just a few lines of code.

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    Connectivity agnostic

    Each connectivity technology has its own strengths. With akenza you always have the best technologies at hand.

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    Application agnostic

    We offer a powerful API and comprehensive documentation to support the creation of your IoT solutions

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IoT solutions based on akenza

Akenza is a horizontal IoT platform that can be used in different verticals and for many use cases.

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    Digitalisation in Facility Management

    ISS, one of the world’s leading facility services companies, is developing innovative IoT solutions based on akenza in the field of smart facility services.

    Read the case study
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    Connecting the Hycleen Automation System to the Cloud

    Georg Fischer collaborated with akenza to upgrade one of their main products and connect it to their smart solution in the cloud.

    Read the case study
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    A smart city connectivity self-service portal

    ewz is using akenza a self-service portal to provide their LoRaWAN connectivity to all departments of the smart city ecosystem.

    Read the case study
What people say about akenza

From startups to corporations, akenza is trusted by a wide range of companies to support their smart solutions.

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    We found a viable solution with akenza which enabled us to connect our product to our cloud environment while respecting our tight time constraints.

    Philippe Cachot, Head of R&D

    Georg Fischer JRG
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    With akenza we have only one platform and save up to 4 additional steps for the registration and maintenance of the connectivity of a device.

    Roger Gygli, Head Digital Transformation

    ISS Switzerland
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    Akenza massively simplifies the management of our IoT device fleet. New devices are added in minutes. This allows us to focus on our core business: measurement.

    Valentin Keller, Managing Director


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