The heart of your IoT infrastructure

Connectivity Management

Choose the right connectivity for your project

Managing a portfolio of devices across different connectivity platforms creates unnecessary complexity and additional administration effort. By offering centralized connectivity management, akenza allows you to manage your connectivity portfolio with minimal effort.

We are constantly adding new integrations, currently, the following providers are available: Swisscom LPN, TheThingsNetwork, Loriot, Actility

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    Two-way communication

    Uplink & downlink support: Receive and send data from and to your devices.

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    Import & Synchronization

    Existing devices and SIM-cards are imported automatically and synchronized.

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    Connectivity Meta Data

    You have access to all connectivity metadata, allowing you to fix any operational hurdles.

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    Support for SIM Cards

    By integrating SIM-cards to your connectivity management system, all your assets are available in one place.

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    Subscription configuration

    Configure your connectivity subscriptions based on your use case. Change the pricing plan, activate/deactivate your connectivity subscription if your project requires it.

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    Data routes

    Control where your data is sent by managing the application output of your network server.

connectivity as a service
The easiest path to your connectivity

With our Connectivity-as-a-Service offering, you no longer need to worry about separate network operator contracts. Simply choose the best connectivity depending on your region and device, and you will be able to connect the device on akenza without establishing a contract with any network provider. We take care of the nitty-gritty in the background.

  • No separate contract and billing with each network operator
  • No lock-in: change your network operator at any time
  • Profit from wholesale prices
    Device Management

    Manage your device fleet at scale

    With the device management of akenza, you have full control over all your assets at any time. It is built to support you in every phase of the device life cycle and offers you a comprehensive set of features to manage your device fleet at scale.

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      Bulk actions

      CSV import and bulk edit are the tools you need to efficiently manage devices at scale.

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      Unified Inventory

      Manage all your assets (devices & SIM-cards) in the same place.

    Data Flows
    No-code data processing

    Being in full control of your IoT data streams is crucial to create useful information out of raw sensor data. With Data Flows, you only need to define your data processing chain once and can apply it to as many devices as you want!

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      Easily connect to other services in your ecosystem with Webhook, Mail and SMS connectors.

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      Supported protocols

      The following protocols are supported to connect your devices: HTTP, MQTT, CoAP

    Rule Engine

    Trigger actions based on your sensor data

    With the rule engine, you can analyze and process data of multiple devices simultaneously and trigger actions when needed. Actions include sending SMS or email notifications, sending downlinks or aggregating your data. All that with no coding skills required!

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      No-Code Logic Blocks

      Implement your business logic based on no-code logic blocks.

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      Event based

      Act immediately after a certain event has happened.

    Device Type Studio
    Choose from a multitude of device types or create your own

    Benefit from a device type library with payload encoder/decoder for up-/downlinks. The most popular off-the-shelf IoT devices are already integrated and new devices are continuously added to our open-source device library. Create your own device types with the web-based device type studio.

    • Web IDE

      Script your own payload encoder in the web-based device type IDE.

    • Create your own Device Type

      Define your custom Device Type to create the schema of your device.

    • Device Type Library

      Use the open-source device type library with a multitude of pre-integrated devices to start right away.


    Make more out of your data

    A simple visualization of data will provide the first insights about your smart solution. Use built-in data visualization for a direct overview of the data from your device, easily connect to a dashboard builder such as Grafana or use one of our plug & play Business Intelligence Modules.

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      Business Intelligence Modules

      BI modules for various use cases (smart building, smart city and smart facility management).


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      Grafana connector

      Open source Grafana connector to build your own dashboard. Perfect for proof of concept projects.


    User Management
    Built-in role-based access control

    Over the lifecycle of an IoT project various stakeholders such as project managers, developers and operations are involved.

    With akenza's role-based access control (RBAC), you always have full control over access rights, allowing you to easily and securely collaborate with all parties involved.

    • Multiple hierarchy levels: Tenant, Organization, Workspace
    • Based on OAuth2
    • Google SSO
    • Connect your active directory to your private cloud instance
      Private Cloud

      Deployed on the cloud instance of your choice

      For your extended requirements, akenza can be deployed in your existing cloud instance on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.

      • White Labeling
      • Custom DNS scheme
      • Active Directory Integration
      • Testing Environment
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