LoRaWAN connectivity as a service

The shortest path to your LoRaWAN connectivity

Start building smart solutions based on LoRaWAN connectivity without the hassle of creating a contract with a separate network operator. Connecting a LoRaWAN device to the cloud has never been so easy.

Your Benefits

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    No complex contracts

    No separate contract and billing with each network operator

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    Total flexibility

    No lock-in effect: you can change your network operator at any time.

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    Wholesale price

    Profit from wholesale prices with LoRaWAN connectivity at a fixed price per device and month.

  • Loriot

    Loriot is a network server provider used by a growing number of companies around the world to establish their own enterprise-grade LoRaWAN deployments. Loriot offers a scalable solution for companies of all sizes to support the implementation of their LoRaWAN private networks.

    Discover the Connectivity As Service with Loriot

    • CountriesGlobal
    • Pricing0 CHF / device / month
    • Community Networkyes
  • The Things Network (TTN)

    The Things Network is an open-source network server supported by the TTN community. It is a public network with members all around the world. The whole gateway infrastructure is organically managed by the users of the network, who install the individual gateways when better coverage in a specific area is needed.

    Discover the Connectivity As Service with TTN

    • CountriesGlobal
    • Pricing0 CHF / device / month
    • Community Networkyes
  • Swisscom Low Power Network (LPN)

    The Swisscom Low Power Network (LPN) covers the majority of Switzerland with its LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure. This LoRaWAN nationwide network has been implemented by the Swiss national telecom company Swisscom to support the creation of low-power smart solutions in the country. It covers most non-alpine regions and is able to reach more than 90% of the Swiss population.

    Discover the Connectivity As Service with Swisscom

    • CountriesCH
    • Pricing0.85 CHF / device / month
    • Community Networkno