IoT data analytics with Azure and akenza

Thanks to the seamless integration with Azure IoT Hub, akenza enables you to connect your low-power devices into the Microsoft Azure ecosystem and create state-of-the-art IoT solutions.

Build a strong IoT stack with akenza and Azure Iot Hub

Thanks to the direct integration of the Azure IoT Hub, akenza enables a frictionless connection of IoT devices into the Azure IoT Hub cloud ecosystem. In a few clicks, you can use our output connector to stream data directly to the Azure IoT Hub and generate actionable insights for your IoT applications.

Why akenza + Azure?

Discover what makes the akenza and Microsoft Azure combination so unique.

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    Low-power devices & straightforward onboarding

    Effortlessly process data from low-power devices (e.g. LoRaWAN) into your Azure services with akenza. The platform facilitates easy onboarding of new devices into Azure and low-code functionalities enable you to retrieve data in Azure in one afternoon.

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    Data warehousing & advanced analytics

    The amount of data amassed in IoT projects – several gigabytes – can be overwhelming. Using akenza + Azure together allows you to set up a data warehouse, enabling the analysis of large datasets in real-time.

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    You don’t need to be a technical expert to create powerful visuals with your large IoT datasets. Several visualization and data analytics tools can be plugged into the akenza + Azure system.

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    Connectors to the Azure ecosystem

    With akenza’s Azure IoT Hub Connector, you can directly stream IoT device data from akenza to Azure and subsequently process it in the other services of the Azure ecosystem.

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    Platform hosting

    For companies with the most advanced requirements, akenza can be deployed in your existing Azure tenant. With this solution, businesses ensure their entire IoT stack is hosted in their cloud environment.

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    Microsoft Teams notifications

    Seamlessly use Microsoft Teams as your notification service on akenza. Keep teammates informed about your IoT project by sending automated text messages to your MS Teams channel.

IoT solutions based on akenza + Azure

See how successful companies built a strong IoT stack with akenza and Azure

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    Zurich Insurance
    Data Warehousing for Smart Building

    akenza partnered with Zurich Insurance to install a data warehousing IoT stack in their Quai Zurich Campus. Their IoT-enabled digital services range from workplace occupancy to indoor air quality monitoring and dynamic cleaning of washrooms.

    Read the case study
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    Connecting the Hycleen Automation System to the Cloud

    Georg Fischer collaborated with akenza to upgrade one of their main products and connect it to their smart solution in the cloud.

    Read more about the case
"We found a viable solution with akenza which enabled us to connect our product to our cloud environment while respecting our tight time constraints."
Philippe Cachot
Head of R&D, Georg Fischer JRG
Get the ebook on IoT data analytics with akenza + Azure

akenza makes it possible to access the full power of Azure’s 200+ products and cloud services on a low-code basis. In this ebook, we walk through how Azure and akenza are each used on their own to build IoT infrastructure and discuss the powerful benefits of combining the two for your IoT data analytics. You’ll also discover a successful case of an akenza + Azure data warehousing setup for smart buildings.