The ultimate IoT stack for your solution

Direct integrations to 3rd party analytics, advanced rule triggers, low-code features, and support for numerous connectivity technologies ensure you have the best IoT technology in your hands.

Data Flows

Define your data processing chain in minutes

Data Flows allow you to create your data path instantly and without coding. Save valuable time by defining a generic data processing flow from the devices to the connectivity, through the data normalization, and towards your desired output application.

  • Device Connectors

    Easily manage your connectivity by choosing a device connector or one of the numerous connectivity providers to manage your connectivity portfolio.

  • Device Type Library

    Use payload decoders to normalize the data with the help of a Device Type Library. Automatically structure device data to be sent via messages to and from the application.

  • Output Connectors

    Define the output connector towards the IoT data destination of your choice. Connect your IoT data to cloud analytics environment or existing ERP systems for further processing.

Device Connectors

Benefit from a wide range of data input sources and connectivity technologies.

Profit from a vast offer of device connectors to support different protocols and connectivity technologies in your project. Thanks to the centralized connectivity management of akenza, you can manage your connectivity portfolio with minimal effort. The variety of available input sources ensures your solution stays adaptable and resilient to technological change.

Device Type Library

Discover an extensive list of pre-integrated devices

Use payload encoder/decoders for up-/downlinks of the most popular off-the-shelf IoT devices already integrated into our open source Device Type Library.
You can also build your custom Device Type according to your data normalization needs and share it with your team.

Explore the Device Type Library

Output Connectors

Use your data where it is needed the most

Connect your IoT data to state-of-the-art cloud analytics environments or existing ERP systems for further processing, or send notification over your preferred channels to the stakeholders of your project. By using akenza's output connectors, you can use your IoT data in the destination tool of your choice.

Device Management

Supporting you in every phase of the device life cycle

Keep total control over all your assets at any time. A comprehensive set of features supports you in managing your device fleet at any scale.

  • Bulk Actions

    CSV import and bulk edit are the tools you need to manage devices at scale efficiently. Bulk Actions allows managing your fleet by importing, editing, or deleting multiple assets at once.

  • Device Lifecycle Notifications

    Never miss a faulty device. Lifecycle notifications inform user-defined recipients once a day or once a week about critical asset lifecycle events (device offline, weak signal & low battery).

  • Asset Tags

    Arrange and structure your devices by annotating them with tags, allowing the management of large amounts of assets within a workspace, and bringing more convenience by setting up rules that apply to multiple assets.

  • Custom Fields

    Custom fields are used to add custom information to your devices, such as serial number, battery replacement date, or GPS coordinates.

Connectivity management

The whole connectivity landscape at your fingertips

Centralized connectivity management and integration for numerous connectivity providers enable you to manage your connectivity portfolio with minimal effort. Low-power connectivity technologies, SIM Cards, IP-based device protocols and 3rd party data sources are all just one click away!

  • Wide range of connectivity technologies & protocols
    • HTTP, MQTT, COAP device to cloud protocols
    • LPWAN connectivity technologies including LoRaWAN and Sigfox
    • Connectors to proprietary systems and 3rd party data sources
  • Best in class LPWAN connectivity management

    You can streamline and unify your LPWAN offering by using our bi-directional LPWAN integrations which allow you to synchronize your existing LPWAN accounts, import and connect devices, and configure your connectivity parameters directly from akenza

Connectivity as a Service

The easiest path to your connectivity

In instant need for connectivity? With Akenza you can directly connect your device in a few clicks. No more worrying about contracts or complicated set-up processes. Simply choose the best connectivity technology depending on your region and device, avoiding any hassle of establishing a separate contract with any network provider. We take care of nitty gritty details so you don't have to!

  • No complex contracts No separate contract and billing with each network operator
  • Total flexibility No lock-in effect; you can change your network operator at any time
  • Wholesale prices Profit from wholesale price for all your LoRaWAn connectivity
Check out how it works

Rule Engine

Trigger actions based on your sensor data

With the akenza Rule Engine, you can analyze and process data of multiple devices simultaneously and trigger actions when needed. Actions include sending notifications, sending downlinks or forwarding your data to third-party applications and cloud environments. All that with no coding skills required!

  • No-Code Logic Blocks

    Implement your business logic based on no-code logic blocks.

  • Event based

    Act immediately after a certain event has happened.

  • Timed rules

    Trigger rule logic based on a fixed schedule and allow time-based evaluation of rules.

  • Custom Logic

    If you are an expert and prefer to implement your logic in JavaScript, you can develop your custom rule.

Rule Input

Execute rules based on all your data input sources

Create rules based on the data inputs of one or multiple devices. Alternatively, use custom tags to organize your assets into groups and trigger rule logic on these devices. Act immediately after a particular event or execute rule logic in a time-based fashion.

Rule logic

Create your business logic in minutes

Implement your business logic based on no-code logic blocks. A growing list of standard logic components allows you to process your data effortlessly. Do you require some more advanced logic blocks? No worries, you can also write your own custom logic blocks with just a few lines of JavaScript code.

Rule action

Powerful actions and automation possibilities at your fingertips

Numerous rule actions let you automate your processes and trigger notifications on your favorite messaging tools. Create insightful alerts thanks to the message templating and build advanced control loops using the downlink output connector. Trigger downlinks and automated device configuration are now possible as a result of a rule logic. Use the same connector across multiple rules.

User Management

Built-in role-based access control

Multiple stakeholders might need different levels of access to your IoT project. With the role-based access control (RBAC) of akenza, you always have complete control over access rights, allowing you to easily and securely collaborate with all parties involved.

  • Multiple hierarchy levels Hierarchy levels help you categorize the different users of your organization.
  • State of the art authentication OAuth2-based authentication with support for different SSO sources.

White labeling

Make it your platform

Offer all the great features of akenza under your name and brand identity. The akenza logo disappears but the performances stay the same.

  • Custom DNS scheme Use your own company domain.
  • Active Directory Integration Incorporate your directory services to manage users' credentials.


Make more out of your data

A simple visualization of data will provide the first insights into your IoT solution. Use built-in data visualization for a direct overview of the data from your device, easily connect to a dashboard builder such as Grafana or use one of our direction integrations to Azure IoT Hub and other advanced visualization tools.

  • Grafana Connector

    Open source Grafana connector to build your own dashboard. Perfect for proof of concept projects.

    Grafana Data Source Plugin

  • Third-party connector

    Benefit from advanced analytics and visualization capabilities with Power BI in the Azure IoT Hub, Influx DB and more.

Data Ownership

Your data is and stays yours

You have full ownership of the data. We are just orchestrating data on behalf of our customers but you remain in control of the generated data at all times. We follow industry standards when it comes to data security so you don’t have to worry about GDPR and data privacy