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You are the expert in your field. Akenza is the tool to enable you to rapidly introduce innovative and digital IoT solutions. Solutions built with akenza, span any vertical be it smart building, smart city or industry.


A smart city connectivity self-service portal

With the strategy focus «Digital City», the City Council of Zürich is strengthening and accelerating the digital transformation in the city administration. In this perspective, ewz was looking for the right IoT infrastructure to support its city-wide low power network.

Customers benefits
Thanks to our deep integrations into the backend of network providers, and telecommunication operators, providing connectivity out of the box, ewz was able to use akenza a self-service portal to provide their LoRaWAN connectivity to all departments of the smart city ecosystem.

ewz is the utility provider of the city of Zürich, Switzerland.


Connecting the Hycleen Automation System to the Cloud

A central product of the company's current digitisation strategy is the Hycleen Automation System (sanitary automation system). To extend the capability of the Hycleen product, the decision was taken to further retrofit the solution with remote capabilities.

Customers benefits
The use of a strong IoT platform made it possible to create a production ready-solution in a few months. Thanks to support of akenza, the product was connected to the cloud in the newly created Hycleen Connect solution. This dramatically reduced time to market while requiring only minimal investments.

Georg Fischer, a Swiss company founded in 1802 is an impressive tale illustrating how constant change is essential for any industrial company wanting to remain successful.


Digitalisation in Facility Management

Differentiation through innovation is one of the key factors for ISS to distinguish its offer from the competition. ISS Schweiz wanted therefore to develop smart digital facility management use cases for its customers. Potential use cases are tested in the ISS headquarters in Zürich and offered to clients after a full technological and business validation. 

Customer’s benefits
From workplace occupancy to indoor air quality monitoring and dynamic cleaning of washrooms, a broad range of IoT enabled digital services have been made possible. All use cases are supported by akenza as a white label solution.

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ISS Facility Services is one of the world's largest facility management providers. In the past years, ISS Switzerland has shown how its continuous innovation culture enabled the company to stay ahead of the curve.

Plug & Play
Rapidly gain business insights with our Business Intelligence Modules

Akenza provides Business Intelligence Modules for smart building, smart city and smart facility management use cases. Allowing you to conveniently implement already proven Plug & Play IoT use cases.


With the trend towards flexible working, long-term office space optimization has become a challenge for companies and facility managers. Sensors can be installed at different locations such as in meeting rooms and personal desks to measure the current and long term workspace occupancy.
The long term workspace monitoring allows to identify untapped potential and to optimize the amount of required office space.


The level of carbon dioxide directly affects people’s wellbeing and performance. Poor air quality due to high levels of CO2 is linked to detrimental cognitive effects such as poor decision making, lack of focus, and drowsiness. Typically, an alert can be triggered when a configurable threshold is reached.


To better monitor and plan the frequency of cleaning in office buildings, a dedicated Washroom Usage Monitoring solution has been developed. Measuring the usage of washrooms enables a more dynamic cleaning of the premise. Magnetic sensors count the number of door openings and service on demand buttons allow a direct cleaning request by users.


Benefit from our service on demand solution which can be individually configured to your organization. At the touch of a button, your staff is informed or notified of your instant requirements. You increase customer and employee satisfaction and improve communication with your service provider. The SoD solution enables you to directly report disorders and incidents in your facility environment.


Our people counting solution offers you an effective way to monitor the people flow in your premises and take appropriate measures if needed.
People counting sensors are installed to measure the number of people automatically and anonymously for a live count in your building. The data is captured on akenza and is available for you and your customers via a mobile optimized web application or signage-screens.

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