The IoT platform at the heart of your smart solution

Create amazing IoT solutions with the akenza low-code IoT platform. Thanks to its self-service and low complexity features, your project will be up and running in no time!

Companies that have built projects with akenza

A straightforward solution to complex IoT challenges

Thanks to our self-service IoT platform, you can create your IoT case right away, even without coding skills. Discover today the advanced features of akenza that make IoT more accessible by supporting your whole IoT middleware.

Explore the complete feature set
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    Connectivity management

    Centralized connectivity management and integrations to many connectivity providers.

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    Device Type Library

    Use payload decoders to normalize the data with the help of a Device Type Library. Automatically structure device data to be sent via messages to and from the application.

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    Connector ecosystem

    We support a wide range of connectivity technologies and integrate with the best cloud environments.

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    Device Management

    Bulk actions, asset tags and advanced features let you control your assets at all time.

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    Rule Engine

    Implement your business logic with no-code logic blocks and trigger alerts & notifications.

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    White labeling

    Offer all the great features of akenza under your name and brand identity.

Why your enterprise needs akenza for its IoT evolution

Successful IoT enterprise projects are built on a strong technological base. Akenza reduces your development and maintenance efforts to a minimum. So that you and your organization can focus on what really matters: building the IoT solution with the greatest value.

Explore business cases built on akenza
  • Reducing your costs and time to market

    Early adopters need a solution to effortlessly create IoT use cases and quick wins are essential. Our IoT platform is ready to go, allowing for instant time to market and minimized R&D costs.

  • Future proofed

    Maximize your flexibility with standardized Interfaces, managed services and tools. Solutions built with akenza are resilient to technological change.

  • Easy to maintain

    IoT projects are often operated by tech-savvy but not by code-savvy teams. Our low-code and self-service user interface allows the maintenance of your IoT solution through non-IT personel.

  • Secure

    State of the art security processes ensure the highest level of security, for both public cloud and private cloud.


IoT solutions based on akenza

Akenza is a horizontal IoT platform that can be used in different verticals and for many use cases.

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    Digitalisation in Facility Management

    ISS, one of the world’s leading facility services companies, is developing innovative IoT solutions based on akenza in the field of smart facility services.

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    Connecting the Hycleen Automation System to the Cloud

    Georg Fischer collaborated with akenza to upgrade one of their main products and connect it to their smart solution in the cloud.

    Read more about the case
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    A smart city connectivity self-service portal

    ewz is using akenza a self-service portal to provide their LoRaWAN connectivity to all departments of the smart city ecosystem.

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What people say about akenza
“We found a viable solution with akenza which enabled us to connect our product to our cloud environment while respecting our tight time constraints.”
Philippe Cachot Head of R&D, Georg Fischer JRG
“With akenza we have only one platform and save up to four additional steps for the registration and maintenance of the connectivity of a device.”
Roger Gygli Head Digital Transformation, ISS Switzerland