IoT Workshop 2022: Accelerate IoT Projects with akenza and Google

Published on by Julie Sylvest
Akenza google cloud workshop

We understand the value of hands-on learning to gain a strong technological base when building an IoT solution. That’s why we created an IoT workshop together with Google to explore the combination of their cloud services and the akenza platform.

In this workshop, we discussed the state of Industry 4.0, the technical foundation for strong IoT solutions, and multiple use cases with the main takeaways being:

On akenza:

  • LPWAN IoT device registration

  • Connectivity, device management, and defining the data processing pipeline

  • Set alerts and notifications


  • Ingest data on BigQuery via Google Pub/Sub

  • Data analytics and visualization in the cloud

The participants built an entire IoT stack: with the integration of a LoRaWAN device from Comtac to akenza, the IoT data were processed further to Google Pub/Sub and consequently to BigQuery as data warehouse. Finally they were visualized with Looker as a modern BI service.

A special thank you to Google Zurich who hosted the workshop, Comtac for providing the devices, and the active participation from those who joined.

Below are some highlights of the event. We look forward to more workshops in the future!

Google Workshop Blog Article

Check out our previous webinars on how to get started with akenza.

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