Akenza Collaborates with Heliot / Sigfox to Promote Mass IoT

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As the exclusive Sigfox Operator in Switzerland the HELIOT Group is able to provide the only global 0G network dedicated to low-power IoT devices. This solution brings a few key benefits - it’s low-cost, simple-to-use and with no-borders making it the perfect partnership further enhancing Akenza’s commitment for providing ‘IoT made simple’.

Christofer Martinson and Michael Poglonik tell us what they think about the new partnership.

"We are delighted to have this collaboration and cooperation with Akenza. This partnership is bringing 0G together with a robust IoT system - the Akenza Core. Addressing data orchestration across multiple connectivity technologies and device groups to stream-line the end-to-end process of device management and application visualization into several key global verticals.
Christofer Martinson, Chief Sales & Solutions Officer - HELIOT Group
Akenza heliot sigfox

fltr: Gildas Seimbille (Heliot Group), Suki Dusanj-Lenz (CMO Akenza), Christofer Martinson (Heliot Group) and Michael Poglonik (Partner Manager Akenza)

"We are very pleased to welcome the Heliot Group representing the Sigfox network to our ecosystem. With the Sigfox network provided by Heliot as part of our agnostic connectivity manager, Akenza strengthens its position as a leading IoT technology provider. This enables our customers to benefit from an even broader field of network technologies and the roaming free scalability of the global Sigfox low power network."
Michael Poglonik, Partner Manager at Akenza

The integration is now available in the Akenza Core and a step-by-step integration guide is available to view.

About HELIOT Group & Sigfox

Logo heliot

Logo Heliot

HELIOT Group is the exclusive owner and operator of the global Sigfox 0G IoT dedicated network for Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. The HELIOT Group, with its headquarters in Lausanne, will have 90% population coverage in Switzerland by Q2 2020, expanding the global active coverage to 65+ countries. With the Sigfox 0G IoT enabling technology, HELIOT provides a seamless, easy-to-use, low-cost and energy efficient LPWA network without barrier or border for sensors and devices used for the Internet of Things and Mass IoT as well as providing innovative IoT business solutions.

Logo sigfox

Logo Sigfox

Sigfox is the initiator of the 0G network and the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) service provider. Its global network allows billions of devices to connect to the Internet, in a straightforward way, while consuming as little energy as possible. Sigfox`s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications addresses the three greatest barriers to global IoT adoption: cost, energy consumption and global scalability. Today, the network is available in 65+ countries, with 1 billion people covered. ISO 9001 certified and surrounded by a large ecosystem of partners and IoT key players, Sigfox empowers companies to move their business model towards more digital services, in key areas such as Facilities Management/Smart Buildings, Asset Tracking, Condition Monitoring and Supply Chain.

More information can be found here

The HELIOT Group


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