Oct 18, 2023

Expanding LPWAN horizons: akenza unifies global LoRaWAN access by integrating LORIOT Roaming Hub

Alexis Leibbrandt

akenza is now integrated with LORIOT Roaming Hub, opening doors to a world of global LoRaWAN access.

As IoT adoption is becoming a global phenomenon, the ability to seamlessly communicate across networks has never been more important. Imagine a reality where your smart solutions effortlessly span broader areas, transcending borders and boundaries.

With our newest feature, you can now access all major LoRaWAN community networks directly in the akenza platform, roam with local network operators and add your local gateways to the mix. This allows you to use the best available connectivity wherever you are.

Introducing our integration of the LORIOT Roaming Hub is a truly transformative step towards a unified vision of global LoRaWAN Coverage with minimal effort.

Breaking down boundaries with LORIOT Roaming Hub

When it comes to massive IoT deployments, coverage is essential. That's where the LORIOT Roaming Hub steps in as the entry ticket to a global LoRaWAN ecosystem. This centralized roaming service revolutionizes the way LoRaWAN-enabled devices connect and collaborate across networks.

What does it mean for businesses launching IoT projects?

The combination of akenza with the LORIOT Roaming Hub brings unparalleled access to a world of LoRaWAN networks, all accessible from a central platform. The Roaming Hub offers streamlined access to LoRaWAN network operators supported by the LORIOT infrastructure.

But that's not all.

Users of akenza also get access to LORIOT's Community Public Server infrastructure and Helium's expansive global network.

A world of opportunity: roaming use cases

The benefits of this integration echo through various use cases. Whether it's extending coverage within a country, densifying coverage for enhanced reliability, or facilitating multi-site solutions across borders, the LORIOT Roaming Hub and the akenza platform facilitate a realm of possibilities for any IoT projects, such as agricultural monitoring, global asset tracking, supply chain management, smart city, energy management, wildlife conservation, and many more.

In other words, we provide businesses with an essential tool to launch their solutions over different countries and continents. By unifying access to LoRaWAN around the world, we allow IoT innovators to create smart solutions that span over large geographical areas. Your assets are now moving seamlessly from one LoRaWAN operator to the next, without impacting the end-solution experience.

How to get started?

The akenza platform is available as a free trial for 30 days and the Connectivity as a Service offering lets anyone register devices instantly without needing an additional connectivity contract.

Stay tuned for more updates as we pave the way toward a seamlessly connected world.

Need help with your IoT project?

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