Oct 17, 2023

The path to digitalization with MUV Digital and akenza

Julie Sylvest

MUV Digital's cloud monitoring tool, the MUV Cloud, is a platform for visualizing machine data, fleet management, trend analysis, and maintenance. In partnership with akenza, they make data easily accessible to service experts to enhance machine data value.

In today’s digital landscape, data has become immensely valuable. Not because of its sheer volume, but in how we transform it into actionable insights. Picture a world where every device, from your smartphone to the machines on a factory floor, is constantly generating data. This abundance of information has the potential to reshape industries. But amidst this data influx, there’s a critical question: what do we do with all this information?

The IoT has revolutionized how we gather data, eliminating the need for manual collection and opening new avenues for information acquisition. Yet, merely generating loads of IoT data is insufficient without a well-defined strategy for its utilization. To draw meaningful conclusions from this sea of data, we must merge these values with human knowledge. In this context, it becomes clear that data is just the beginning of the narrative; the real challenge lies in leveraging this data to create substantial value for those who rely on it.

This article explores how MUV Digital is at the forefront of this digital transformation. They are the architects that make machine data accessible to service experts, bridging the gap between data and human expertise. Together with akenza, they are enhancing the overall value of data while simultaneously improving sustainability and energy efficiency.

Visualizing machine data with the MUV Cloud

MUV Digital’s strategy is built on the fundamental principle of ensuring that machine data can be effectively utilized by service experts. Their approach revolves around the development of the MUV Cloud, an innovative cloud monitoring tool specializing in the visualization of machine data, fleet management, trend analysis, and maintenance management. Unlike some traditional data systems that overload users with raw data, the MUV Cloud provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that facilitates learning and direct insight extraction.

Example of a machine monitoring dashboard on the MUV Cloud platform

Example of a health dashboard on the MUV Cloud platform

Example of a fleet overview on the MUV Cloud platform

The MUV Cloud acquires data through the control systems of pre-installed sensors within machines, utilizing edge devices connected to a 4G cellular network. This data is seamlessly relayed to akenza via MQTT and then forwarded to the MUV Cloud. The MUV Cloud has a unique proficiency in using this data to identify anomalies and operational issues. This expertise translates into a multitude of benefits, including the potential for energy savings, improved maintenance practices, and the creation of innovative business models across various industries. In the next section, we will delve into one of MUV Digital’s customer projects within the HVAC industry to witness these benefits.

Heat pump energy monitoring case

In the world of heat pump installations, energy monitoring is the silent hero that keeps operations running smoothly. Achieving peak efficiency involves a complex approach to data acquisition and management. However, accessing machine data is time-consuming and comes with the risk of undetected operating and setting errors, which leads to increased failure rates and high energy costs.

For Schmid Hutter, a Swiss-based company that installs and maintains HVAC machines, MUV Digital’s expertise in connectivity and IoT services comes to the forefront. MUV Digital offers ready-to-use IoT, data monitoring, and robust plant and fleet management tools. These all seamlessly integrate into the heat pump installation that also controls the ventilation system.

Through this approach, MUV Digital connects devices to Aermec machines to track key metrics, such as the frequency of ignition events over time. By leveraging real-time and historical IoT data, these metrics offer valuable insights into usage patterns and allow Schmid Hutter to gain a deeper understanding of machine energy consumption. Notably, if the number of ignitions deviates from the norm, it can trigger an alert or even generate a maintenance ticket within the ERP system, ensuring swift action.

MUV Digital collects data from the edge device installed on an Aermec machine

Aermec machines connected to the MUV Cloud

IoT data collection with akenza

akenza, serving as the IoT platform, facilitates connectivity, device management, data processing, and storage. Its solution empowers MUV to focus on its expertise, offering digitalization services to its clients, without the need to build the infrastructure from scratch.

“With the akenza platform, we gain an extra layer of data security and significantly reduce development time and maintenance effort needed to aggregate and harmonize data from our customers' edge devices.”
-Timo Visscher, CTO of MUV Digital

With akenza’s technology, MUV seamlessly leverages machine data to craft digital twins for many different projects.

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