Jun 29, 2022

Everynet LoRaWAN network now available as Connectivity-as-a-Service on akenza

Alexis Leibbrandt

We are glad to welcome Everynet as the latest addition to our connectivity as a service offering.

Everynet and akenza join forces to offer the perfect technological foundation for deploying large-scale LoRaWAN solutions. As one of the leading companies in the LoRaWAN infrastructure market, the Everynet network covers entire nations, supporting the creation of smart solutions at scale.

Thanks to this new partnership, it is now possible to design IoT solutions based on the LoRaWAN infrastructure of Everynet while benefiting from the advanced features of the akenza platform. Existing Everynet customers can integrate their accounts to akenza in just a few clicks!

But there is more.

Companies launching new IoT projects can leverage the Connectivity as a Service offering of akenza to directly connect their devices to Everynet inside the platform without establishing a separate connectivity contract. This is done in a couple of minutes, without long-term commitments. This is a true game-changer as it allows IoT innovators to launch new proofs-of-concept quickly and effortlessly while avoiding the administrative costs of multiple platforms and other lock-in effects.

With Everynet taking care of infrastructure operations & maintenance and akenza of the device management and integration to numerous cloud analytics services, companies have the best of both worlds to support the creation of large-scale, commercial LoRaWAN smart solutions.

About akenza

Akenza AG was born in 2017 to deliver fast, easy and cost-effective IoT solutions. akenza is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, where it helps companies from all around Europe to develop their own smart IoT solutions.

akenza offers a low-code IoT platform that allows companies to build IoT products and services by connecting, controlling and managing such IoT devices. Thanks to its multiple output connectors and integrations, akenza allows further data processing in 3rd party applications with minimal effort.

The company has established itself in long-term relationships with major clients such as the Facility Management Provider ISS Switzerland, Georg Fischer, and various SMEs.

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