Mar 13, 2024

The world's most convenient way to Helium LoRaWAN connectivity

Alexis Leibbrandt

We are thrilled to announce an extended integration of the Helium Network in akenza to offer straightforward access to worldwide LoRaWAN technology.

The Helium Foundation is a not-for-profit dedicated to the proliferation of secure cost-effective wireless coverage around the globe and is the steward of the Helium Network. The Helium Network, launched in 2019, is a global wireless infrastructure designed for IoT devices to communicate and exchange data independent of conventional cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Operated by a collaborative community, the coverage expands with the help of those who contribute to their Hotspots. Therefore, Helium is also referred to as The People’s Network, emphasizing the integral role Hotspot deployers have in shaping its growth. Its unique approach and blockchain reward incentive model make it an interesting project in the world of wireless connectivity. Since its inception, this LPWAN network has convinced a growing community of IoT, DePIN, and LoRaWAN enthusiasts and businesses in several countries to utilize the world’s largest decentralized wireless network in use today.

Helium Hotspot map around the world
Source: Helium Network

Your Helium connectivity is one click away

We are thrilled to announce an extended integration of the Helium network in akenza to offer users straightforward access to worldwide LoRaWAN technology. This integration removes the necessity of subscribing to distinct contracts for the connectivity and the application server. Those that launch new IoT projects with akenza can now choose the Helium network through the Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) offering in one click, and manage both connectivity and devices in one platform.

Data Flow on akenza choosing the Helium Network

Helium provides excellent coverage across many regions of the world, leveraging the strength of its community-based network. By utilizing the capabilities of the akenza platform, users can connect their devices directly to the Helium network via akenza, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and achieving a streamlined oversight of all Helium devices from a centralized hub. In other words, it means that users in areas with Helium coverage can directly access the network via akenza without needing a Helium account.

By adding Helium to its Connectivity as a Service offering, akenza now covers all major LoRaWAN Community Networks (Helium, TTN, and Loriot) providing the world's largest cross-product LoRaWAN coverage.

Crafting a data flow within the akenza platform is a breeze - just include the Helium network as the designated device connector and connect any device present in the Device Type Library. This integration allows anyone wanting to leverage the Helium network to connect their devices, configure custom rules for alerts and notifications, and create personalized dashboards for sharing insights with project stakeholders.

This integration is a big step towards the commercialization of the Helium Network and a broader adoption of LPWAN technologies worldwide.

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akenza is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, where it helps companies to develop their own smart IoT solutions. The company has established itself in long-term relationships with major clients such as the Facility Management Provider ISS Switzerland, Georg Fischer, Zurich Insurance, and various SMEs.

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