May 8, 2024

Introducing Dashboard Groups

Alexis Leibbrandt

With the successful release of our Dashboard Builder, we have seen how much our customers appreciate the ability to customize dashboards. Visualizing IoT data tailored to individual needs and preferences is a valued feature in every IoT project.

As a result, our users have created various dashboards within their akenza environments to accommodate their diverse IoT cases. This has become especially pronounced in larger companies with multiple divisions and teams. Navigating through numerous dashboards became cumbersome. We have addressed this in our latest product update.

Easily organize your dashboards

Dashboard groups simplify the organization of your dashboards into categorized clusters, significantly improving your ability to navigate through your data. By grouping your dashboards, you can quickly access those most relevant to your specific needs. For example, a company managing a vast real estate portfolio could organize its dashboards into separate groups tailored for each site.

Dashboards and groups can be organized effortlessly with drag-and-drop functionality at the organizational level, applying changes across all users. Groups can be collapsed to prioritize the visibility of essential dashboards, enhancing usability. This functionality is ideal for companies managing numerous dashboards, simplifying navigation, and focusing on key data.

Learn more about the Dashboard Builder and explore a variety of dashboard components that will enhance your IoT visualization. Visit our dashboard page for detailed insights.

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