Nov 3, 2021

How to monetize your Loriot LoRaWAN network with akenza

Alexis Leibbrandt

In this article, we explain how the Connectivity as a Service from akenza offers a simple way to monetize your LORIOT LoRaWAN infrastructure.

LoRaWAN networks have been popular in the last few years for a variety of use cases, from connecting waste containers to street noise monitoring, to dynamic cleaning of facilities. However, many LoRaWAN networks are left underutilized because they lack a monetization strategy.

akenza's Connectivity as a Service offers a simple solution to monetize your LORIOT infrastructure. It enables you to charge for your connectivity while minimizing your administration efforts.

Offering your LORIOT LoRaWAN infrastructure to a broader audience

The recent years have seen a global surge in local LoRaWAN Networks made possible by low CAPEX costs and an easy setup. But many of those networks have stayed inaccessible for a broader audience. Potential clients have been deterred by missing self-service functionalities and network providers have barely been able to claw back their investment and operation costs.

We believe that by radically improving the user experience, we can create mutual value for potential clients, customers, and network operators.

The Connectivity as a Service of akenza lets you share your LoRaWAN connectivity with your community. By becoming a regional LoRaWAN network provider, you are able to monetize your current IoT infrastructure and support the creation of smart solutions in your region.

After signing up on akenza and in a few simple steps, new users will be able to select your LORIOT Network as their local connectivity provider, register a device and start collecting IoT data in the cloud. With fees automatically charged by credit card, accessible 24/7, and easily scalable, administrative hurdles are kept at a minimum.

Moreover, by offering your connectivity via akenza, users will also gain access to the platform's broad range of advanced functionalities, such as our low-code data processing, Rule Engine, and Device Type Library.

The akenza IoT platform, including its CaaS offering, is also available as a white-label solution and lets you adapt the product to your branding. The multi-tenant view enables you to manage the users of your LORIOT LoRaWAN Network in one place without giving them direct access to the LNS.

Benefits of the Connectivity-as-a-Service

LORIOT LoRaWAN Connectivity as a Service offers many advantages to both IoT providers and enterprises seeking to establish an extensive IoT infrastructure at a minimal cost.

For network operators

  • Monetize your LoRaWAN infrastructure

  • Open your network to a broader audience

  • Allow your customer to gain access to a complete IoT stack in a fast and easy way

For your customers

  • Facilitated launch of new IoT projects with the self-service features of akenza

  • Remove the administrative hurdles from the equation

  • Only one platform and one billing for the whole device and connectivity management

What are the next steps?

If you are interested in offering your connectivity through akenza, those would be the next steps:

  1. Commercial reseller agreement: To implement the Connectivity as a Service, akenza needs to become your customer with the right to resell your LoRaWAN connectivity.

  2. Integration of your LORIOT connectivity: There is only minimal effort required to connect, thanks to our deep integration into the LORIOT stack.

  3. Mutual marketing activities: What good would it do if we had a mutual offer and nobody knew about it?

Need help with your IoT project?

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