Sep 13, 2021

Introducing enhanced customization and advanced features with the akenza expert plan

Alexis Leibbrandt

We are excited to announce the release of the new expert plan as the latest addition to the akenza SaaS offering.

We are excited to announce the release of the new Expert plan as the latest addition to the akenza SaaS offering.

The expert plan shall support the most demanding IoT projects with advanced features, including enhanced customization and new integrations.

A set of advanced features for large-scale IoT rollouts

Creation of custom rules

Custom rules allow users to create custom rule logic tailored to their particular use case. Thanks to this new feature of our Rule Engine, more advanced and complex rule logic can be developed in Javascript and shared among the whole organization.

To see a detailed demo of the custom rules functionality, check out our webinar on the topic:

Azure IoT Hub output connector

With this new output connector, it becomes possible to connect your Azure IoT Hub instance as a data destination to any Data Flow or Rule Engine of akenza.

Processing IoT data into a Microsoft Azure service has never been so easy.

SIM card management

We are extending further our connectivity management portfolio with SIM card support for all Swisscom CMP mobile accounts.

With this new functionality, users of cellular devices can now automatically synchronize their SIM-cards with the akenza asset inventory.

CoAP protocol

In addition to MQTT and HTTP protocols, the Expert plan also supports the UDP-based CoAP protocol.

With its small protocol overhead, CoAP enables efficient data transmission and is therefore particularly well suited for NB-IoT devices.

WebSocket API

As a complement to our REST API, we now offer the possibility to use WebSockets that allows users to subscribe to a live sensor data feed, removing the need to pull the data periodically.

In addition to this, the expert plan supports all features present in our Advanced tier:

  • Support for different connectivity technologies,

  • Custom device types,

  • Rule Engine,

  • Several output connectors,

  • and much more.

Towards large-scale IoT applications

As your project scales, our flexible pricing model will ensure you remain with a cost-effective solution. For a detailed comparison of our plans, make sure to visit our pricing page.

You can learn more about each feature mentioned in this article by heading to our documentation page.

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