Product Update - April 2022

Published on by Fabian Gerschwiler

With this release we introduce a new navigation that makes your life easier in daily use and allows us to add many new features in the future. Furthermore, this version includes a data generator and an improved onboarding experience to support you in your first steps in akenza.

Introducing: The new navigation

The new application layout with main navigation item Organization, Workspace, User Profile and Help stacked vertically on the left

We've updated the side navigation to more clearly separate the two contexts Organization and Workspace and give them their space. There is a new switcher for both entities, accessible at the top of the second level navigation, for those with more than one Organization or Workspace.

You might need a moment to adapt to this but we are sure you will appreciate the separation of context while working inside akenza.

The new Data Generator

There are various ways to generate date inside akenza without an actual device now.

You want to start using akenza but don’t have a physical device at hand? We've made that easier by adding a Data Generator to Devices using a Simulator Device Type. You can choose to have data generated automatically or manually specify the sensor values. Send it in intervals or manually.

The following values are currently available for simulation:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • CO2

  • Noise level

  • Illuminance

  • Occupancy

This new feature will help you test our application quicker and easier than ever.

A new onboarding experience

The Onboarding Assistant & Quickstart tiles on the Organization overview.

We have released a few features which make the onboarding a better experience. Getting to know and setting up the application is now easier than ever: Four easy steps, and once you've completed the onboarding you will have the important basics covered.

If you are not already a registered user, you will also experience our streamlined first time app setup. Try it out here!

What's next?

Looking at our product roadmap for 2022, we have exciting new features lined up. If you want to follow the latest updates and upcoming features of akenza, be sure to check out our changelog and suggest new features here.

  • Dashboards: Visualize your device data in minutes with the new Dashboards feature in akenza. It will be the perfect tool for your next PoC project.

  • Dark mode to help with eye strain that comes with prolonged screen time.

  • Bulk actions: Register/ deregister all your existing LoRa devices at once.

  • Continuous extension of our device type library

If you want to follow in real-time the latest updates and upcoming features of akenza, be sure to check our changelog. Stay tuned for more updates!

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