Product Update - October 2021

Published on by Fabian Gerschwiler

The growth of the akenza ecosystem continues! During the past month, we successfully onboarded new partners and released exciting product features, now available for your next IoT project.

Discover below what exciting updates we have prepared for you.


Asset Tags

Structure your devices by annotating them with Tags. This allows managing large amounts of Assets within a Workspace at once and brings more convenience by setting up Rules that apply to multiple Assets. Find out more about Asset Tags here.

Akenza product update tags

Device Lifecycle Notifications

A daily email summary of device states in your Workspace informs you which devices are offline, have a weak signal, or have low battery. Be always up to date about your device's health. Find out more about Device Lifecycle Notifications here.

Custom fields

Manage your device fleet more efficiently by adding custom fields with additional information about your devices. Serial Number, Battery Replacement Date, or GPS coordinates are examples of custom fields that add valuable information to a device. Find out more about Custom fields here.

Cloud Connectors

Making further use of IoT data in enterprise applications can be relevant to launch a successful IoT project, depending on your needs. Therefore we have created several new Output Connectors to allow data processing, analytics, monitoring or maintenance solutions in state-of-the-art cloud systems.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub

The new Google Cloud Pub/Sub Output Connector is a fully managed, real-time messaging service that allows you to asynchronously send and receive messages between independent applications.

It enables building advanced solutions with low-power device data in the Google Cloud Pub/Sub to stream processing and data integration as well for monitoring, alerting, and logging. Find out more about it here.


The fast, serverless real-time monitoring platform with a dashboarding engine, analytics service, event, and metrics processor is now available to be connected to as an Output Connector on akenza. Read more about how InfluxDB works with IoT Data here. Find how to connect to your InfluxDB here.

Akenza iot system diagram 3 influx DB 2

New Partners in the akenza ecosystem

We are glad to present the new partners of the akenza ecosystem. Both Disruptive Technologies and Helium are successful companies helping with the mass adoption of IoT solutions and, therefore, perfectly fit akenza’s ecosystem.

Hardware Partner: Disruptive Technologies

We welcome our latest hardware partner Disruptive Technologies to the akenza family. With this integration, we enable users to integrate the world's tiniest sensors to akenza. This allows building advanced workspace of the future use cases in enterprise environments thanks to the extensive range of akenza’s Output Connectors. Find out more about how to connect the Disruptive Technologies- Cloud to akenza here.

Akenza blog disruptive technologies

Connectivity partner: Helium

We welcome all users of Helium to akenza, combining the power of “The People’s Network” and its 260k+ Hotspots around the globe and akenza as a mature IoT platform.

With the new device connector on akenza, Helium users can now connect their Console to akenza to benefit from unified device management, data streaming, and multiple connectors to advanced enterprise IT cloud systems.

Akenza Helium

Towards large scale IoT applications

As your project scales, our flexible pricing model will ensure you remain with a cost-effective solution. For a detailed comparison of our plans, make sure to visit our pricing page.

You can learn more about each feature mentioned in this article by heading to our product documentation page.

If you want to follow in real-time the latest updates and upcoming features of akenza, be sure to check our changelog.

Do you miss a feature? Let us know and enter your feature request here.

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