Reduce Risk of COVID-19 in your workplace: Innovative Thinking and Smart Business

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As the number of cases of COVID-19 rise in Switzerland and around the world coupled with the declaration of a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation the Federal Government of Switzerland has responded with stringent measures to contain the virus and to prioritise public health. Businesses can take bold measures to ensure that safety and precaution is priority to ensure that business continues as normal as possible.

People Counting is a good prevention tool to avoid too many people in the same room. Employees are informed about the number of people – e.g. in the canteen – via web app and screen. Of course, the transmission of COVID-19 cannot be avoided, but the employees are sensitized and have the possibility to adjust their visiting hours.

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Photo by Shawn Ang.

The Federal Office of Public Health BAG has expanded its hygiene recommendations for protection against COVID-19. To count people in restaurants, bars, clubs and other public spaces has been advised in a bid to flatten the curve of rising cases of COVID-19.

Large companies are taking measures to increase operational distance between employees, especially in communal areas like employee canteens and areas of queuing.

We would like to support you with the complete End to End solution:

  • Camera with Edge Intelligence for Live People Counting
  • Cloud based Data Management
  • Visualisation of current numbers on a local Screen or Online

What to expect:

  1. Our Business team will identify your setup in a brief phone call
  2. We will assemble, prepare and connect your setup at Akenza
  3. A delivery date for deployment will be agreed directly with you
COVID 19 akenza canteen case

An example of the app für Zurich Insurance, Switzerland.

How does people counting help and is it complicated to install?

Organisations can continuously monitor the number of people gathering in communal areas alerting visitors when the space is at capacity to prevent overcrowding and uphold government guidelines for safety measures against COVID-19.

The people counting sensors count every person completely anonymously and transmit the current count to the cloud. The entire solution is fully GDPR compliant and does not capture any personal data as all the intelligence happens on the edge.

Furthermore such an application ensures efficiency and time saving opportunities for canteen suppliers and employee visits with both parties able to benefit from instant knowledge of people flow. The IoT application can be viewed via a mobile handset, on a computer, as shown in the example above.

Our team simplifies the set up and installation process. Akenza is committed to making IoT simple for you. From enquiry to set up and live data we can complete this service within 3 days.

“Proactive measures are vital to the safety of employee wellbeing and customers during such pressing times. Business leaders need to think outside the box and for us IoT innovation implemented by our Akenza Core aids digital optimisation in the workplace to serve the purpose of providing a safer working environment. In its simplicity the measures installed for people counting uphold government health and safety guidelines and provide a non invasive safety net encouraging social distancing in a smart way.”
Jonas Schmid, Co-CEO Akenza

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