Feb 9, 2023

Launching a new kit for smart level monitoring

Julie Sylvest

In collaboration with Actility and Pepperl+Fuchs, we are launching an IoT solution kit to remotely measure fill levels.

Are you looking for a smart solution to remotely monitor fill levels for your next project? It has never been easier to monitor and manage levels with the launch of our newest IoT kit.

In collaboration with Actility and Pepperl+Fuchs, we are launching an IoT solution kit to measure fill levels in containers, tanks, and silos as well as monitor water levels of rivers, lakes, and flood basins. The WILSEN.sonic.level wireless LoRaWAN ultrasonic sensor also transmits GPS data and predictive maintenance data such as temperature readings and battery charge status to the akenza IoT platform.

You can find the kit directly on the ThingParkMarket by Actility:

Smart Level Monitoring Kit

The Smart Level Monitoring Kit includes:

1 x Pepperl+Fuchs WILSEN.sonic.level UCC2500 sensor or UCC4000 sensor

1 x Browan Pico NEXT LTE Gateway pre-installed and configured

3 x Months subscription to the akenza.io platform, including up to 2 devices

3 x Months subscription to ThingPark Enterprise SaaS service

Application examples:

  • Smart farming: Farmers can remotely check the fill level of scattered feed silos or the pit of a biogas plant so they can focus on important duties instead of making inspection rounds.

  • Smart environment: Measure fill levels of rivers, lakes, and flood basins and send additional temperature, geolocation, and battery condition data to improve flood protection.

  • Smart cities: Monitor used glass, old clothing, and recycling container fill levels and only collect once they are full to a certain level.

  • Smart logistics: Determining fill levels in tanks or silos allows suppliers to provide their clients with a supply logistics system that is suited to their requirements.

We prepared a short step-by-step guide on how to integrate the WILSEN device on akenza.

Learn how to get started with the following:

1. Integrating your Actility account into your akenza environment

2. Creating a Data Flow and device on akenza

3. Creating your individual dashboard for data visualization

Data visualization example with akenza’s dashboard composer

Learn how to install this kit with our tutorial: How to integrate the Pepperl+Fuchs Kit with Actility on akenza

You will find more information on the dedicated leaflets: EN - DE - FR - ES - IT

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