Jun 27, 2024

White labeling is now available on the akenza public cloud

Julie Sylvest

Amplify your brand with our new white label feature, now available on the akenza public cloud. This tool benefits customers using the akenza IoT platform as part of their product offering. You can fully customize your organization’s appearance in the Device Management and Dashboard Builder applications. 

Elevate your brand with total customization

The white labeling feature on akenza provides a suite of tools designed to help you customize our IoT platform to reflect your brand. These features strengthen your brand’s identity and improve user experience. Best of all, the Expert plan includes white labeling at no additional cost. 

Custom color themes

Our custom color theme ensures that your company’s branding remains consistent across the platform. Users can personalize the interface with a primary color, along with success, warning, and error colors. This makes the platform more cohesive and recognizable. 

Tailored logos

We’ve made it easy to integrate your logo across our platform. You can upload square (compact) and wide logos for different applications. The compact logo is ideal for side navigation, while the wide logo fits into the header of full-screen dashboards. If a compact logo isn’t available, you can opt for a two-character monogram, ensuring that your brand’s visual elements are always displayed.

Personalized SMS

Effective communication is key, and our custom SMS sender keeps your brand front and center. This feature allows organizations to set a custom sender name for SMS notifications, adding a personal touch to every message.

Enhanced benefits for Enterprise customers on the private cloud

Enterprise customers benefiting from a private cloud deployment can apply a custom white labeling theme at the tenant level, but also at the organization level. This means that companies with various clients registered on akenza can overwrite the tenant theme with the theme of their customers at the organization level.

With the expansion of white labeling to akenza’s public cloud, we provide our customers with the tools they need to enhance their brand identity. 

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